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"Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company."

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Founder and CEO


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Extend & Declutter

Do you have enough closet space? If you’re like most of us the answer is no. My Closet Concierge allows you to have the easily accessible and viewable closet of your dreams, perfectly organized and available at a moments notice.

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Seasonal Storage

No longer take up half your closet with winter coats when it’s 100 degrees outside. Let us take care of it for you. We store your clothes and accessories in top of the line conditions.

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Luggage Free Travel

Never again deal with hassle of lugging baggage through the airport. With luggage free travel your items will be delivered directly to your hotel in ready to wear condition.

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Dry Cleaned & Ready

Never again worry if you remembered to have that dress cleaned before your big event.  Your items will always be dry cleaned and ready to go when you are.

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