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How many items can I store with My Closet Concierge?

There is no limit to the amount of items you can store.

What types of items do you store?

We store clothing, shoes and other accessories.  If you have any specific questions please mail us at info@myclosetconcierge.com.

What is the difference between memberships?

If you would like us to help you store your items, Endless Closet or Standard Closet is best.  The Standard Closet starts at $75 per month and includes storage of 25 items (additional items are $3 per item).  The Endless Closet starts at $99 per month and also includes one monthly pick up or delivery. Both include access to your own Virtual Closet.

If you do not need the extra storage and simply want help organizing and cataloguing your items the Virtual Closet is best for you.  For additional pricing information please refer to our Terms of Service.

Do you catalogue items at my house?

No, we take your items to our facility to inspect, professionally photograph and catalogue each item in your virtual closet.

Can you help me pack my items or organize my closet?

Absolutely, we do offer these special services.  Please inquire about specific requests at info@myclosetconcierge.com. Additional fees will apply.

What if I do not need storage but would like my items catalogued in a virtual closet?

We can certainly do that, each item will incur a $10 processing fee and $2 annual hosting fee.

What are your hours?

Our office is open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  Deliveries are between 7am and 7pm.

How quickly can I my items be picked-up or delivered?

We can provide next business day pick-up and delivery for up to 20 items if requested by 3pm EST.  Deliveries or pick-ups over 20 items will need 3 days notice. However, it is always good to request items earlier, particularly if you have special requests. Air shipped items are shipped same day and arrive based on the shipping method you choose.  Weekend or same day deliveries may be arranged on a case by case basis, additional fees may apply.

What is the length of the storage commitment?

Due to the labor intensive process of photographing and cataloguing we request a six month commitment.  Should you choose to discontinue your membership after that please give us 30 days notice.

What about fur storage and delivery?

We would be happy to pick up your fur items and have them catalogued in your virtual closet.  While we do not provide fur storage on site we work with great partners that will safely store your items in the special cold-storage required to keep your items in top conditions.  Additional fees will apply.

What is Luggage Free Travel?

Luggage Free Travel allows takes the hassle out of traveling.  Avoid the hassles of packing, unpacking wrinkled clothing, lugging heavy suitcases and waiting in overcrowded baggage claim and customs lines.  My Closet Concierge will ship your items directly to your hotel or wherever you are staying in ready-to-wear condition.  We don’t charge hefty fees, just the shipping and handling.

How do I return the clothes you air shipped to me?

A return shipping label will be included in the box along with tape.  Simply ship the garments back and we will have them cleaned for your convenience and store them back in your virtual closet, ready for the next journey.

Are my items protected by insurance?

Our facility is in a large complex and is incredibly secure with on site security and surveillance 24 hours a day. We are scrupulously careful with your possessions and treat them with white glove care.

In general, your items at My Closet Concierge are fully covered by your homeowners or renters insurance up to 100% of your policy’s limits for damage, theft or other perils. You should check with your insurance to determine the extent of your coverage.

By way of example, Amica Insurance, Inc., a large insurance carrier, provides insurance up to 100% of your policy limits because no one outside of My Closet Concierge has direct access to the area where your items are stored. In the case of mini-warehouses coverage is limited to 10% of the policy limits because all tenants have direct access to the storage facility and their individual lockers or rooms.

In addition, My Closet Concierge, provides insurance on each item to supplement your insurance as discussed in terms and conditions.

If your policy doesn’t provide the coverage your comfortable with, you can often purchase an inexpensive “rider” to provide you the level of protection which meets your needs.

Can I visit your facility?

For insurance and security reasons we cannot permit visitors.

What do you charge for various services?

There is a basic monthly fee of $3 per item.  Our pick-up and delivery fee in Manhattan and other select local areas is $40.  Any items that are air shipped will be charged standard shipping and handling rates based on weight, location and delivery option.  Should you choose to have your items dry cleaned through our partners there will be additional costs for the cleaning.


Garment Care

How are my garments stored?

We store all garments in breathable garment bags or boxes in acid-free tissue paper.  Your items are safely stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment that is monitored 24/7.

Why do my garments have to be cleaned before they are stored?

We take the care of your clothing very seriously, in order to insure that your items are in ready to wear condition at all times it is imperative that they be cleaned because, although an item may look clean invisible stains such as body oil may discolor the fabric over time, especially whites.

Can you clean my garments for me?

Yes, we partner with great dry cleaners that will provide top of the line dry cleaning and mending.  Additional fees apply for this service.