Wardrobe management and storage. 24 hour pickup & delivery


Expand and organize your wardrobe

Free up much needed closet space, while maintaining access to your all you pieces any time. We can hold any size wardrobe or collection.

Personalized hand pick up and delivery.

We’ll hand pick up or deliver your clothes and accessories in Manhattan and selected boroughs with 24 hours notice.

You’ll always know what items are in your endless closet.

Your clothing and other items will be professionally photographed and each image will be archived on the web. You can view all of your items by logging into our account.

Identify the items you want from your virtual closet and they will be delivered. Add new items any time!

Safe secure storage of your clothing and accessories

Free up closet space seasonally or year round.

Your clothing and accessories will be stored in breathable garment bags and containers. Each item and container is bar coded. The garment bags are hung from individual racks allowing for proper air circulation.

Our facility has a 24 hour a day watchman as well as security cameras throughout the facility. You can sleep securely knowing your items are being maintained and stored by people who care about them as much as you do.

Take a vacation from heavy bags

Packing and carrying heavy bags is never fun. Keep your traveling clothes with us and we’ll take care of the rest-- mailing your items directly to your destination.

When you leave simply send the box back and we’ll have your items cleaned and ready for the next trip.

You wear the clothes. We do the rest.

We deliver all of your items “ready-to-wear,” which means they’re dry cleaned before storage. This keeps you and other members protected. Through our partnerships, we offer below-market prices for our professional dry cleaning service.

We can even arrange minor repairs of your clothes.